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Files and safes tested and rated for protection from fire, water and theft Products that can guard both documents and data against disaster Numerous features available to personalize your protection needs Eye-catching styles that fit into any modern décor. 

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ES Robbins chair mats 
Work Smarter. Live Longer. Sit or Stand Mat™ for Your Health™
Dual purpose mat (sit or stand)
Roll with ease on the chairmat
Stand in comfort on supportive foam cushion
For low pile carpet and hard floors

At Lorell® our mission is to create solutions that work for you, not only in function, style, and quality but also in price.

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Introducing the revolutionary all-in-one



  • Dual purpose mat (sit or stand)
  • Roll with ease on the chairmat
  • Stand in comfort on supportive foam cushion

ConSet      Adjustable height desks

Phoenix Fire Files and safes

Ask any Phoenix customer whose documents and data withstood a fire and the water to extinguish it: Not all files and safes are created equal, and none rival the protection you get in products from Phoenix Safe International.

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  • ​ES Robbins ​     chair mats 

 ES ROBBINS   custom-made chair mats

for comfort and convenience.

Available for carpet or hard floor.

Intermediate, Standard and Premium Thicknesses.  Straight or beveled edges

  • 72" maximum width for Premium Thickness mats
  • 60" maximum width for Standard and Intermediate mats
  • Maximum length of 144"

When a Traditional Chair Mat Doesn’t Fit Your Workspace choose ES ROBBINS custom-made chair mats 

Feel Good® Anti-Fatigue Mat
An ergonomic solution for workplaces that require standing for lengthy periods of time. Our mats are manufactured with the highest quality materials and workmanship. The Feel Good® Anti-Fatigue Mat is ideal for office, commercial, institutional and light industrial applications.


  • Oil, grease, chemical and stain resistant vinyl
  • Crystal clear with nonslip, non-mar surface
  • Traditional cleats rest in carpet to keep runner in place

 Lightweight Drain Mat

Easy to handle and drains much better than other mats on the market. The unique 4-way drainage cleat system offers efficient multi-directional flow while providing anti-fatigue support.  Available in black and terracotta

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 2​Changing your working position regularly helps to prevent back problems. People of various heights can easily adjust their desk. Electric operation means that people can easily adjust their desk height, useful for wheelchair users as well.  Because ConSet manufactures their own lift system, an adjustable height computer desk is no longer a costly investment. 

Our product line is continuously expanding with solutions and products that make sense in today’s offices from the front door to the back.  All of our products are tested and certified to meet or exceed ANSI/BIFMA standards.  All of our products are backed by a  Lorell® Warranty..